See How Some Of The World’s Best Golfers Burn Fat Hour After Hour…

Learn how YOU Can Go From a FAT STORER to FAT BURNER in 2 Weeks or Less

How To Get The Exact Same Weight Loss System Used By NBC Golf Announcer’s Roger Maltbie, And Senior Golf & Tour Champions Don Trahan And Allen Doyle…

Don Trahan now fits into a suit he hasn’t worn in 17 years.

“Either my proprietary weight loss system works for you or it’s FREE.

There’s no time to lose because my weight loss teleseminars always sell out! I can only accept a limited number of students at this low price. After that, this offer could vanish forever”

~ Larry Jacobs ~ Top Golfers Food and Weight Loss Coach
to Tour Players, Golf Celebrities, and Amateurs in 22 Countries.

Get 1/2 Price Access to my Thin for Life®
Tele-Seminar Series and Learn to Burn Fat
Hour After Hour After Hour

“I Can Show Any Golfer How To Lose All the Weight They Want Without Dieting, Counting Calories, or Starving”

Larry A. Jacobs
Top Weight Loss Coach

NBC Sports Golf Announcer Roger Maltbie Lost over 30 Pounds in 2 Months using Larry Jacobs’ Thin For Life Program

Former LPGA Superstar and Sports Announcer Loses Weight, and in 6 Weeks is 2 Sizes Smaller and Feels Great

An article appeared in the December 12, 2009 issue of Golf Week highlighting Roger Maltbie’s 30+ pound weight loss progress on Larry Jacobs’ Thin for Life Program.{Since he was interviewed for that article Roger has lost more and counting}

Article begins here:
If there’s such an award as Late Season Comeback of the Year, The Man Out Front would like to nominate Roger Maltbie.

The vaunted NBC Reporter has shed nearly 30 pounds since October 15th, having committed himself to eating better and exercising.

When offered congratulations and best wishes, …Maltbie said he’s got a ways to go and… “I’m going to keep at it.”

Maltbie conferred with Larry Jacobs who has worked with Champions Tour players Allen Doyle and Fred Funk, and began his regimen days after his NBC assignment at the President’s Cup in October. {end of article}

“Swing Surgeon” Don Trahan Easily Fits into a Suit he Hasn’t Worn in 17 Years

(Don’s dramatic before & after photo)

Don, in a recent article said that Larry is “The Tiger Woods of Weight Loss” and the “Go To” Weight Loss Guy for PGA Tour Player’s, Club Pro’s, and Amateurs alike. He is also a Special Olympics Golf Coach and a 4 handicap golfer with a unique gift for connecting with us golfers about our Weight and Health. Larry founded his now famous “Thin For Life” program in 1983 and is the Personal Weight Loss Coach for celebrity golfers like Roger Maltbie (NBC Golf Announcer) and Tour Champions like 2-time US Senior Open Winner and Champions Tour player Allen Doyle.

* Note: On Larry’s program: Roger Maltbie lost over 30 pounds in 7 weeks and still losing. (*Source: Golf Week Dec. 12, 2009)

He’s also the “Surge’s” Don Trahan’s Secret Weapon for Weight Loss, too.

Larry with Allen Doyle Larry with Fred Funk

Larry with Michael Breed
at a Wounded Warriors
golf clinic at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC
Larry with CBS Sports Legend Jim Nantz Larry with Arnold Palmer raising money for
Special Olympics

Johnny Berguson lost 25 pounds in 7 weeks
(Normalized his Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar and Feels Great)

(View Johnny’s video below)

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Larry was recently interviewed on Capital Golf Weekly TV Show

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Don Trahan made a video from Harbourtown PGA Tour event:
“Larry Jacobs Thin for Life Golfers Program Saved My Life”

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=420 height=345 dock=true controlbar=bottom bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

“Top Weight Loss Coach, Larry Jacobs Consistently Out Performs the Weight Loss “Experts” and Finally Reveals his Simple Proven Fat Loss Plan Available Nowhere Else”

Listen to this PODCAST NOW and “Get Out of the Fat Trap”

*Quick Note from Larry Jacobs, Founder of the Thin For Life Program (since 1983)

Welcome to Weight Loss For Golfers. In the last 28 years, I have helped thousands of people succeed with permanent Weight Loss, from ALL walks of life. As of late… I have helped quite a few famous (and non famous:-) Christians, Golfers, and Baby Boomers among others. That is why you will see some references to them on this page.

Listen as Larry’s Thin for Life® graduates speak their minds.


A doctor’s personal success…

“Personally the Thin for Life Program did wonders for me. I lost 29 pounds. My waist went from a size 36 to a size 31 in no time flat. My cholesterol level went from heart attack level to an optimal level. I look great and feel great.”

~ Dr. Arthur Argenio, Washington DC

Listen how a Colorado man reduced his blood sugar by 1/3, lost 33 pounds, sleeps better and has more energy.

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here

Larry’s Weight Loss Philosophy & Overview on Audio
(A Must Listen-approx 4 minutes)

Audio Replay of an Amazing 40 Minute Thin For Life Free Tele-Seminar
Conducted by Larry Jacobs, with Todd Graves
Click Here To Listen

Larry and Peter Kessler Radio Interview
Making the Turn on PGA Tour Radio

Listen to the Success Stories
(Each of the 4 audios below run approximately 1-2 minutes in duration)

“Swing Surgeon” Don Trahan Easily Fits into
a Suit he Hasn’t Worn in 17 Years

Todd Graves, Oklahoma City, OK
(lost 16 pounds and Todd says you need a Great Coach)

Allen Doyle, 2-Time Senior U.S. Open Winner
(2-Time Senior U.S. Open Winner & PGA Champions Tour Player Allen Doyle
Lost 25+ Pounds on the Thin for Life Program)

Listen to PGA Instructor John Hafera’s Success Story
John Lost over 20 pounds, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are now NORMAL

Larry Jacobs and Don Trahan’s Phone Chat
About Don’s Progress on the Thin for Life Program

Don is now wearing 34″ belt (was in 39″ slacks when he started) and
Don’s Blood Pressure is now down to 120/77 (was 133/89) Congratulations Don!

Click Here To Listen

Why Diet’s Don’t Work
The Seven Biggest Mistakes Golfers Make When Trying To Lose Weight
Click Here To Listen

Don Trahan and Larry Jacobs Answer Your
Questions about the Thin For Life Program
(MP3 approx. 42 minutes)
Click Here To Listen

Mike Speed Lost 57 Pounds in 11 Weeks
(approx 3 minutes)

Mike Speed Interview with Larry Jacobs
(approx 12 minutes)

Mike Speed Follow-up Interview with Larry Jacobs
(approx 12 minutes)

Dear Fellow Golfer,

How would you like to…Start Burning Body Fat…Right Now? You’re about to discover what many think is the most powerful fat loss system ever developed.

Did you read the Doctor’s comments? Did you listen to the audios? If not, please scroll up and take a serious look at what they have to say. Listen to the audios above. They are filled with my clients’ stories of success in an area of their lives where they had not succeeded before. They know from first hand experience, that the Thin for Life® Program safely delivers the Ultimate Fat Burning Results you want.

And yes, the program really Trains your body to Burn Fat, Boosts Your Metabolism, Eliminates Cravings, and lets you eat plenty of real food that you buy at the Regular Grocery Store and Restaurants, Literally Any Time You Are Hungry!

There are no powders, shakes, pills, potions or lotions. There’s no calorie counting, measuring or weighing food, and there’s no dieting. That’s right no dieting! If you’ve got excess body fat … you already know deep down that …

Diets Don’t Work

More on this in a moment…As I said, if you’ve got excess body fat, and you want to do something about it … You Can Put a Stop to it … Starting Right Now!

I’ve taught thousands of people
how to Turbo-Charge their Metabolism,
Increase Muscle, Burn Off Body Fat and
Get Leaner Faster Than They
Ever Thought Possible!

That’s why I can deliver on my promise,
that on my Thin for Life program,
You Can Go From a FAT STORER to

FAT BURNER in 2 Weeks or Less

Even if you have less-than average genetics … Even if you’ve never succeeded at losing weight before … Even if you have stubborn fat deposits that don’t seem to budge … Right here on this web page you’ve found the fat loss success system you’ve been looking for!

After a bold statement like that, I know you may be a bit skeptical, but think about this – if you keep doing the same things over and over again – you’ll only succeed in getting the same results. That’s why I want to let you try out my Proven Weight Loss System – completely and totally RISK-FREE!

Sound too good to be true? Well I assure you it’s not, especially if you get the right help and the right information from the right source. I’m so sure this program will work for you, that I stand behind it 100% with a full unheard of…

Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee…
It Must Work for You … Or You Pay Nothing!

Doctors refer their Overweight Patients to Thin for Life®

I’ve been sending my overweight patients to Larry Jacobs’ Thin for Life® Program since 1983. I have found his approach to be very successful and my patients very satisfied. So much so that I went on the program myself. I have lost my weight and I’ve kept it off and I now know I’ll never be overweight again. Needless to say…I highly recommend the Thin for Life® Program”
~ Robert Footer, M.D. Obstetrician & Gynecologist

“I have referred several patients to Larry Jacobs’ Thin for Life® Program, and have been uniformly impressed with his diligent, conscientious, and successful efforts.”
~ Jon M. Wiseman M.D. Internal Medicine

More Weight Loss Success Referred by their Doctors…

“I weighed 240 pounds. My physician said I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and was headed for a heart attack at age 26. He recommended the Thin for Life® Program. After 3 weeks on the program, my cholesterol dropped to normal and after 3 months I was down to 190 pounds. I’m now back in my normal clothes. All in all I’m a much happier person.”
~ Andy Cohen, Maryland

A Major Skeptic Becomes a Believer

If you are skeptical as I was about this program, if you are tired, fed-up, and frustrated about “miracle diets,” pills, liquids and powders, then the Thin for Life® Program developed by Larry Jacobs is for you. I was indignant about the lies and false promises made to me over the last 30 years. I got on the program, followed the instructions carefully and in 4 months, I went from a 40″ waist to a 30″ waist (I emphasize the inches and not the pounds) Please forgive me for sounding like a commercial, but when I discover something like this after so long a search, it’s worth telling and endorsing. Thank you Larry for restoring my hope.”
~ Jorge Arcay, Portugal

Don Trahan’s Early Progress on the Thin for Life Program
(View the video below)

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You May Be Thinking
“How Is This Possible?”

It’s Really Quite Simple.

For the last 26 years I’ve seen it happen day after day after day. Since 1983, I’ve been the Founder and Program Director of Thin For Life® Program. You may have heard my program featured on numerous Radio Talk Shows, or you might have seen me and some of my clients and program participants featured on several TV Newscasts. I’ve shown thousands of people how to get back in control of their weight and their lives without dieting.

I’ve Watched Lots of People Succeed Who Never Thought They Could!

People who were not successful for the long-term with Weight Watchers, Diet Center, Nutri-Systems, Jenny, Physicians Weight Loss, Opti-Fast, Diet Doctors, Hospital Programs, Diet Books, Powders, Pills, Fasting, Low Carb, Hi Protein, Gimmicks and just plain Dieting. As I previously mentioned… Diets don’t work. Here’s Why…

The first reason is that … All diets restrict calories. No one can stay on a calorie restricted diet forever! Therefore, any “weight” you “lose” on a diet is only “lost” temporarily at best.
The second reasonis when you do go on a diet, your body starts to slow down the rate at which it burns energy in an effort to save you from the “impending starvation” of the diet itself.When you go off your diet, you typically resume your old eating habits. Unfortunately, your metabolism has been slowed down by the diet you were just on and your normal eating habits of the past are now putting more weight on you than they were before you even began the diet.
To add insult to injury … what’s even worse than the first two reasons is reason #3. When you lost the “weight” on the diet you were on, you lost it mostly from muscle and water and only about half or less than half of it from body fat.The scale says “you’re doing fine,” because muscle and water weigh a lot. The problem is you were trying to lose fat (not muscle and water) and when you finally get so hungry, tired, frustrated and fed-up that you go off your diet, and start to regain some, all, or more of your weight back…The weight you regain comes back on, mostly as body fat.

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here

Sadly the muscle you just lost has been replaced by fat! This makes you quite a bit worse off than you were before you began the diet in the first place. The reason — muscle is the flame or furnace that fat burns in. The more muscle tissue you have, the better your body is able to burn fat! You don’t want to lose muscle as happens with dieting, because when you do, you end up with less of the stuff that actually helps your body burn fat. (Keep in mind, I’m not talking about rippling body builders’ muscles … just lean body tissue which we all have and can easily increase.)

She tried every diet and kept gaining it back until…

“I have tried close to every diet known to man! Last year after failing at Weight Watchers, I went in desperation to Diet Center. I lost weight, but was too weak and shaky to exercise. Needless to say, I gained the weight back and felt like a failure again. On the advice of Larry Jacobs Thin for Life Program® I now get up a half hour earlier and do my exercise. It works! My exercise is out of the way for the day, and the added plus is, I feel great about myself all day.

Although I still give in and weigh myself occasionally, the pounds are not as important to me as the obvious body fat loss. My clothes already fit again. I have actually lost fat from parts of my body I never thought possible. I am still getting compliments on how good I look.

With what I have learned on the Thin for Life Program®, I feel I am armed with an arsenal of good foods and strategies that really will help me stay Thin For Life®. I feel it is the only way to live without cravings, hunger, feelings of deprivation, depression and guilt! If you have experienced these feelings of frustration as well, I highly recommend the Thin for Life Program®.”

~ Hilary Carr, Virginia

If you’ve been on a lot of diets (the yo-yo diet syndrome) you’re even worse off, because this just accelerates the above problems by continuing to slow down the rate at which you burn fat to the point where it feels like you’ll never be able to get it off again! Since the quality of weight you gained back is primarily body fat… Most people who’ve been on lots of diets, are bigger now than they’ve ever been! Hopefully you can now see … that in reality, not only do diets not work, but …

In the Long Run…
Diets Just Make You Fatter!

So when I say “Never diet again! No, not ever … and still lose all the weight you want!” I can show anyone how to have the body of their dreams … and lose all the weight they want, without dieting or counting calories (and go from being a Fat Storer to a Fat Burner in 2 Weeks or Less) I’m not kidding around.

The Thin for Life® Program turns your body into a fat burning machine.
It burns off body fat hour by hour and gets you smaller! And in this game, size matters and smaller is better.
You cannot stop the weight from coming off … and come off it will!
You literally will be able to eat a huge quantity and wide variety of good tasting, regular, foods any time you are hungry. Anytime!I’ll say it again … You’ll literally be able to eat a huge quantity and wide variety of good tasting, regular foods any time you are hungry. Anytime!


You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here


This really helps eliminate the frustration factor of other “programs.” After 26 years of helping thousands of people succeed who never thought they could … it’s fair to say I’ve witnessed and intimately know all about the Pain, Frustration, Lack of Confidence and Hopelessness many of my clients previously put themselves through, due to their excess body fat and feelings of being out of control.

At one time I had a pretty serious weight problem myself.

I’ve definitely been there. Today, I’m still on the program with better results than I ever expected. And it’s not just me. I continue to marvel at the dramatic reductions in body fat my Thin For Life® participants are achieving when they get on this program. I have to admit, it still sometimes amazes me.

She lost 4 dress sizes…

“The Thin for Life Program® was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have dropped four dress sizes, and have absolutely no cravings for junk food at all. It’s the easiest, safest and most practical way to lose weight and stay slim. I endorse this program whole heartedly.”

~ Jane Eberle, Maryland

Just Think How You Would Feel, if You Knew You Never Again Had to Suffer through the Indignity of Being Overweight …and could put an end to all the Heartbreak, Pain, Frustration and Lack of Confidence.

Believe me when I tell you, I know Heartbreak, Pain, and Frustration. As a single dad of 2 children, one with autism (a life long brain illness with no cure and cause unknown) I could easily give-in to Heartbreak, Pain, and Frustration every day of my life. But I don’t, because I also know the power of…Patience, Persistence, Focus, Faith, Hope, and taking Action.

How does all this help you?

Your body fat problem is not “incurable.”
I know exactly what to teach you (and it’s not what you think.) In addition to teaching you many specifics that you’ve never heard before, I’ve been blessed with the ability to get people “off the dime” to do whatever it takes to achieve what they want to accomplish.

Just think of me as your own, private Weight Loss Coach. I’ve been doing this for 26 years. There’s nothing you can say or do that will surprise me. I’ve seen it all. Not only will you see that I won’t go for any of the excuses that have sabotaged your success in the past … You’ll amaze yourself when you actually see yourself not putting up with your own excuses any more!

My Thin for Life® program has got all the pieces to the weight loss puzzle (and as far as I know, I am the only one out there armed with these particular pieces.) Not only is this the best program for you…I’m the best person to coach you and deliver your new weight loss information to you.

In fact I’m often told it’s been a real stroke of good fortune for many of my clients to have had the opportunity to work together.

I totally can relate to your problems, and I care so much about my clients, I do whatever it takes to get the message through to them in such a way that they will follow through, do it and succeed. (The only people who have not succeeded using my program are those that have not done it. And it definitely doesn’t work unless you do it:)

Most all of my clients realize they’ve never ever had the right weight loss information before. When you get on my program, I think you’ll agree.

Up until now…you’ve never had the opportunity and good fortune to have Larry Jacobs as your weight loss coach. No one that I know of, has the will or the ability to help you push through the confusion, excuses, diet mentality and failure mentality like I will. I will help you get beyond the shame, hurt, sadness, humiliation, sorrow, anger, guilt, jealousy and feelings of failure.

Because when you get on my program and see your body change…all that “stuff” related to your weight will start to get lighter and you’ll be well on your way to where you you want to go.

With most of the world now having easy access to a telephone, I wanted to create a way that anyone, anywhere, struggling with their weight… who really wanted to lose their weight once and for all, could have Easy Access to my program at a very reasonable price. This was a lofty goal.

So Here’s What I Did …

The solution was rather obvious. I made arrangements to gather and personally deliver the best material I’ve ever shared with my clients, and make it available in an affordable 4-session Tele-Seminar Series. The Tele-Seminar format allows you to gain access by telephone via scheduled live-conference call sessions, to the same information my past Thin for Life® Weight Loss clients have paid dearly for.

You’ll learn exactly what I taught my Thin for Life® Weight Loss clients who paid $1597, $1997, even $4750 in advance. You’ll get all they got and more for just pennies on the dollar. In addition each session will be professionally recorded and captured on audio for your listening pleasure. I will personally conduct the conference call sessions myself.

And I’m not holding anything back. I’m including all the written handouts that I’ve used for the past 26 years for my Thin For Life® Weight Loss Seminars and one-on-one coaching clients.

As one of your many special bonuses, I’m including a private members only, pass code protected webpage where I will post the audios of each session along with bonus private postings exclusively for my Thin For Life® Tele-Seminar Series participants.

And finally, I’ve made everything into one Simple Tele-Seminar Package that’s affordable (at a fraction of what all Thin For Life® participants paid in the past) and I’ve made this package accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a telephone, access to a computer and the true desire to overcome your weight loss demons once and for all.

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here


As I said, I’m intimately familiar with the shame, hurt, sadness, humiliation, sorrow, anger, feelings of failure, guilt, jealousy that can consume us as we sometimes struggle with our weight. Remember this when I tell you, and remember it well… I’ve been on both sides of the fence and I definitely know the way outta here!!!

Referred by her family M.D. the results were staggering…

“On the Thin for Life Program I am never hungry and I never feel deprived. I eat out, I attend business lunches, I travel for business and pleasure and there is always plenty to eat. The program taught me what kinds of foods I could eat in unlimited quantities (and there are a whole lot), what foods should be part of my daily food intake and what to stay away from entirely.

There is no rigid system to follow, nothing to count and nothing to prepare to specifications. Rather, within the sensible and healthy guidelines of the program, I go about the business of eating what I want to eat. The program also put exercise into my life and I am hooked.

The results for me were staggering. In about size 16 to a comfortable size 8 or 10, depending on the manufacturer. I lost 50 pounds. I look and feel great and am certain I will be Thin for Life.”

~ Martha Berlin, Washington DC

Here’s Just A Few Of The Specifics You’ll Learn

How to lose 3 times more body fat twice as fast than ever before. (considering you weren’t losing all that much body fat in your past efforts, this promise is quite conservative.)
How you can stop storing fat and instantly start to develop a fat burning metabolism.
How to train your body to burn fat hour after hour after hour.
What’s the best possible way for you as an individual to eat anywhere any time.
How to determine with precision accuracy what foods are best for you as an individual, and what foods are not? (Sadly, no one is teaching this)
Why determining if you have any food sensitivities can make such a huge difference in your weight (again, no one is teaching this, and it’s costing you big time)Note: I assume you’re starting to get a sense that Thin For Life® really is different than all those bankrupt diet “programs” of the past.

You’ll also learn…

How eliminating your dieting mentality is one of the first keys to your success. This simple mindset eliminates a huge burden. It literally sets you free, and puts you back in control.
Why being overweight is not your fault! The diet, fitness, and food industries never played it straight with you. And they’re still not. Don’t expect them to change!
Why counting calories, ounces and pounds doesn’t work and actually is detrimental to your success.
Why throwing away or giving away your scale is by far the best possible use of a contraption that mostly makes you feel bad about yourself.
Why all of your past diets didn’t work for the long-term, and what you can do about it right now.
How combining a simple physical activity plan with your individualized eating plan and new Thin For Life® mindset, instantly turns your body into a fat burning machine. (These are the 3 key pillars to your success.)
How to have all the energy you want.
How being on an optimum program can: eliminate cravings and food addictions, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, reducethe risk of heart disease, stroke, and several common cancers.* Often one can see improved digestion, reduction of headaches, fatigue and joint pain.**Note: Based on reported results from Thin for Life® clients (not to be taken as a medical statement)
How to succeed on the program while eating out … and actually enjoy it.
Simple strategies for making the right decisions and choices at home, while traveling, anytime!
How to get back in control … of your food, your body and your life.


Lost 85 pounds and was referred by his Doctor…

“Larry Jacobs’ Thin for Life® Program did what 12 doctors could NOT do. I have never felt better since I lost 85 pounds.I’m a new person.”

~ Steve M. Browne, Florida

Here’s What You Get …

You’ll get your 3 session Tele-Seminar Series. The first 3 sessions are delivered live 2 weeks apart. Each scheduled session you’ll be able to call into a private phone number at a scheduled time and get state of the art Thin for Life® strategies, coaching, group support, motivation, clarification and answers to questions … which I assure you after 26 years of heading this program, is second to none. Special Bonus #1 And as a final good faith gesture for a limited time, I’m including another Free Bonus absolutely free for the first 77 fully paid enrollees… This Bonus is an additional 4th Session that is strictly a Bonus Q and A session that will address all the questions that come up during the Tele-Series.

Special Bonus #2 As a Final Special Bonus You will have access to the recordings of each Tele-Seminar session through a private members area 24/7.

Plus, you’ll also get complete step-by-step written handouts and reference materials that take you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do every step of the way. This powerful A-to-Z package is all you’ll ever need.
Each Tele-Seminar session you’ll be able to call into a private phone number at a scheduled time and get state of the art information, group support, motivation, clarification and answers to questions … which I assure you after 26 years of heading this program, is second to none. In short you will receive my Thin for Life® Weight Loss Blueprint for Success.

The Schedule

Session 1: September 28th, 2011

Session 2: October 12th, 2011

Session 3: October 26th, 2011

Bonus Q & A Session 4: October 27th, 2011

Bonus Q & A Session
October 27th, 2011


(All sessions will be at 8:00pm Eastern)

Program Overview on Audio
(A Must Listen-approx 4 minutes)


To summarize, here is what you get as part of the program…

l. Private Access Dial-in Codes to the upcoming Thin for Life “Live” 3 Session Tele-Seminar Series (Days and times below, please watch your e-mail as the dates approach)


Special Members Only Access: Immediate Online Access to Larry’s Complete Thin for Life Audio Archives
*NOTE: As an instant option and convenience for you, these audios and written materials are provided so you can have instant access to the material and can START or Review the program immediately if you choose. (without waiting for the upcoming Tele-Seminar Series). There’s no rush, it’s just an option.

PLUS… This Free Bonus Includes Instant Online Access to: The Complete Thin For Life Program along with 8 rare Follow-Up Support Sessions from Larry’s Exclusive Coaching Club

Private Call-in (or Listen on the Web) Access to a Live Q & A Tele-Session with Larry Jacobs answering all your questions to be held on March 11th, 2010

Three Mp3 Audio Recordings and Three PDFs of Your Live Thin For Life Tele-Seminar Series.
(NOTE: The mp3 recordings and pdfs of each of the 3 Live Sessions will be made available to you for unlimited review)

The Mp3 Audio Recording of the Live Q & A Tele-Session Larry Jacobs will be made available to you for unlimited review.

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here

Here’s How To Make Sure
You Don’t Miss Out

Take the Next Step And Act Now By Placing Your Order. For a Limited Time, you can now order the Complete Thin for Life® Weight-Loss Tele-Tele-Seminar Series at 1/2 price for only $497.

Your risk-free tuition regularly $997 is now only $497 and is protected by my satisfaction money back guarantee. It must work for you … or you pay nothing! If by the end of session #2 you are unhappy for any reason you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here

As you know, your payment of only $497 is a fraction of what participants in my program have all paid in the past.

What you may not know is that each and every one of my past program participants paid a one time fee of either $1,597 or $1,997 and some very obese clients paid $4,750 to participate in the Thin for Life® Program. All paid in full … all paid in advance – Without a Money Back Guarantee!!! I only mention this for 3 reasons:

1) to show you how serious people can get when they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired;
2) to let you know that you can have The Thin for Life® Program and all the success you want with your weight, for just a tiny fraction of what others have happily invested in the past;
3) and with all that’s included in your Thin for Life® Weight Loss Tele-Seminar Series… the 4 Live Call-in Sessions, the program reference materials, the private password protected members only site, and all the free bonuses…


My point is:
With this special offer, you’re actually getting substantially more content and more help, for a whole lot less than anyone has paid in the past. 70% less. That’s right, you’re getting all this for just 30 cents on the dollar.

In Fact I’m Going To Make This Offer Even Sweeter By Giving You 3 More Free Bonuses!

If you place your order now, not only will you save up to $1,500 from what others have paid in the past as described earlier, you’ll also receive 3 very special bonus reports absolutely free, as my gift to show you my appreciation for responding promptly. Each report is packed with plenty of ready to use tips to help you breeze through your program:

Bonus Report #1 “What To Expect When You Improve Your Diet.”
(Not a calorie restricted diet.) This report spells out all the benefits you can expect when you improve the Quality of what you eat.
Bonus Report #2 “Checklist and Guidelines For Success.”
This handy report always keeps you “up to speed” by listing of all of the major strategies and concepts of The Thin for Life® Weight Loss Program for quick and easy review.
Bonus Report #3 “The Delicacy Concept.”
“How To “Cheat” and get away with it. This report is geared toward your long-term food plan. It gives you a fool-proof, step-by-step guide to successfully using foods that are not normally on your weight loss plan, without adverse consequences. By using this report you’ll never have to say,”I can never ever eat that food again.”


Some of my associates think I’ve lost my mind, by offering you this breakthrough weight loss system with all the follow-up support and free bonuses at the “almost give-away price” of only $497. I’m willing to temporarily hold down your out-of-pocket for this proven, all inclusive program for the first 97 fully paid enrollees to just $497 for the following reason. My motive is simple.

I want to help more and more people to have amazing life changing success stories like the ones you’ve been reading about. That’s one of the reasons why we’re virtually “paying” up to $1,500.00 of your tuition for you! The more people that can participate … the more that can succeed.

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

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Having written numerous articles, given multiple interviews on TV and Radio talk shows since 1983, I really never came across anyone that didn’t want to try or participate in my program.

True, in the past, the cost was out of some people’s reach. Now it’s not. For a limited time at 1/2 price and only $497… and with all that’s included in your Weight Loss Tele-Seminar Series … the program reference materials, the audios, the private password protected members only site, and all the free bonuses … virtually anyone can now afford to get started on the Thin for Life® Weight Loss Program. In fact, at $497 for a limited time only, it’s so reasonably priced, you really can’t afford not to get it. No Kidding.

Here are a couple of reasons why, especially if the $497 still concerns you.

One reason that may not have occurred to you is, you can easily recoup your $497 tuition, in grocery store savings …in the first month or 2 alone! That’s right your total “tuition” can easily be recouped in your first 1 or 2 month’s grocery savings alone! I’m not joking about this! Plus, your grocery store savings aren’t just for one month. They continue each and every month! That’s right, month after month after month! It’s almost like you’ve been given an extra $497 recurring monthly bonus and “pay raise” just for participating in the program 🙂

Remember, this is definitely a limited one-time special offer. I may never repeat it! Now’s your chance.

Remember Your Risk-Free Tuition Is
Totally protected By A 100%
Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

It’s the Strongest Guarantee In the Industry… This program must work for you … or you pay nothing!

I’m sure you know by now … 65+% of Americans are overweight. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high. Senior citizens are often in pain, overweight, under-exercised and many are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and others as a result of poor nutritional and lifestyle habits.

When you are overweight and not in control of your eating, you often find yourself eating junk or fast food on the run. I know I’ve been there! The consequences of this combination of high body fat, high stress, along with a high fat and sugar intake in your diet can be devastating to your health.

For years we’ve been told, being overweight is linked to the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes among others. And now in a recent article in The New England Journal of Medicine, a major study of over a million people has concluded that being overweight is now linked to 14% – 20% of all DEATHS from 10 common cancers. That’s right, 14% of cancer deaths in men and 20% of cancer deaths in woman are now linked to being overweight.

Listen to ABC World News audio clip “Being Overweight causes 14%-20% of cancer deaths” – study from New England Journal of Medicine.


I know you may be saying to your self after reading the preceding paragraph and listening to the ABC World News Tonight audio clip, “Oh boy, here’s something else that science has found out to take all the fun out of my life.” Or maybe you’re thinking something like this, “So what, I’m going to die anyway, here’s something else to add to the list that’s gonna kill me” (or some such thought.)

I Call This … “Stinkin Thinkin”

“Stinkin thinkin” is a powerful and very negative way that a lot of people use, to take the path of least resistance and stay in their “comfort zone.” It really should be called the (dis-comfort zone) because most people don’t realize that…The comfort zone is the failure zone.

Unfortunately this kind of “stinkin thinkin” often POISONS your attitude, your outlook and your actions. (or in many cases… lack of action)

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here


So, Here Are A Few Important Questions For You To Ponder

You may be asking yourself … How did you get here? Could it be the live-for-the-moment attitude that pervades our culture? Maybe or maybe not.

Regardless of how you got here, a better question to ask is … How are you going to get out of here?

If you don’t start this proven, weight loss, success system now to immediately reverse your situation … What WILL you do? What’s going to happen to you if you keep doing the same thing you’re doing right now? If not now, When?

Tough questions yes? Questions like these are often what it takes to get you off the dime and moving in the direction you know you need to go. And you won’t need to go it alone. I’ve gotten enormous satisfaction helping people just like you make a substantial difference in their lives. You can do it too.

You’ll see soon enough when you start your program.

So there you have it. You’ve seen what the doctors have recommended, and the success their patients and other program participants(including myself) have accomplished with their weight and their lives, by using this proven program. You’ve even seen some of the amazing weight loss results that the Doctors themselves have gotten.

Now it’s your turn to take a positive step. With the Money Back Guarantee, there’s no risk. It’s really quite simple and boils down to one question. Do you want to train YOUR body to BURN fat hour by hour, rather than STORE fat yes or no? If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place, and I can help you make it a reality … starting right now.

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here


To YOUR Weight Loss Success,Larry A. Jacobs
Founder of the Thin For Life® Program

P.S. Remember, I know the way outta here. For your review, I’ve included a brief check list with the top reasons why people decided to start the Thin for Life® weight loss program. (Please circle any that may apply to you)

  • “Wants to look better, feel better about self, wants a body that’s easier to accept”
  • “No more diet Yo-Yo, sick of dieting, on a plateau, nothing seems to work any more”
  • “Tired most of time, feel extremely heavy, low energy in afternoon, hard time breathing, can’t make it up two flights of steps, wants more energy”
  • “Wants to comfortably fit into size (____). Difficulty finding clothes they like. Wants to wear heels, feels weight has impeded career and job promotions”
  • “Addicted to food, food makes them feel good, food is one of their few pleasures” Wants to get out of that trap.”
  • “Sore feet, sore joints, high or low blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor digestion, quit smoking and gained weight!”
  • “Health reasons, wants to prevent the preventable, doctor said lose weight or else”
  • “Hates looking in the mirror, tired of avoiding social events due to weight”
  • “Eating way beyond hunger, feels fat, depressed, upset, out of control”
  • “Wants to be taken seriously, to be more confident and to accomplish more”
  • “Want to stop thinking about my weight all the time, want to be back in control”

Stack the deck in your favor…

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here

Remember: The Thin for Life® Weight Loss Program is the program you’ve been looking for, and now you’ve found it!

When you start your program … You will never count calories or measure foods again! You won’t be sad because your weight won’t stay off. You will never be hungry, low on energy or feel empty from dieting. Because on the Thin for Life® Weight Loss Program… You will always eat whenever you’re hungry, look and feel great, and have all the energy you ever wanted!

In weight loss terms … you’re either a Fat Burner or a Fat Storer (Need I ask which you’d rather be? The choice is yours)

The Thin for Life® Weight Loss Program… makes you into an ultimate fat burner.

You Can Start…
Burning Body Fat Today


You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here

* A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Special Olympics(SOMO)

P.P.S. Listen below: Did you listen to our audio weight loss presentations? Click on the red triangle play buttons to listen to each audio. (Each audio clip is approx. one-two minutes or less)

Testimonials from Thin for Life® program participants
More testimonials from Thin for Life® program participants
TV News audio clip featuring successful Thin for Life® program participant who lost 50 pounds and normalized his blood pressure and cholesterol level.
TV News audio clip featuring successful Thin for Life® program participant who lost 60 pounds and she is still losing…
Why all diets don’t work and what you can do about it now.
Radio talk show “New Year’s Weight Loss” audio clip with Larry Jacobs as the guest
ABC News audio clip – being overweight causes 14-20% of all cancer deaths – study from New England Journal of Medicine.


PGA Champions Tour Player and 2-Time Senior U.S. Open Winner Allen Doyle Lost 25+ Pounds on the Weight Loss For Golfers Program in about 2.5 Months. Amazingly, he lost it from mid November to late January (a period of time during the holidays that he would have typically GAINED Weight)

Read Allen Doyle’s comments below…

“Hi this is 2 time US {Senior} Open Winner and PGA Champions Tour player Allen Doyle. It was my good fortune to meet Larry Jacobs the founder of at TPC Sawgrass.

He told me his Weight Loss for Golfers Program would give me a blueprint and roadmap to where I wanted to go with my Weight, my Fitness and my Health (without dieting).

He said the program is custom built around foods that I liked and that I would get plenty to eat, any time I was hungry.

Larry also told me that starting his EZ to follow Weight Loss for Golfers Program would take anyone from being a Fat Storer to a Fat Burner within 2 weeks or less.

In my first month on the program, I have lost about 14 pounds and have gone down 2 notches on my belt. I am definitely lighter, thinner and feel great. I am no longer storing fat, I am burning it.

The plan is EASY to do at home AND on the road. I am now much more in control of my food, fitness and my health.

I give Larry and his program my highest recommendation.

~ Allen Doyle
2-Time Senior U.S. Open Winner
PGA Champions Tour Player

World Class Golf Instructor Todd Graves

Health, Fitness & Golf – Todd’s Full Story
“Earlier this year I was performing a ball-striking demonstration. A few swings into the demonstration I was out of breath. For the first time in my life, I found myself out of shape and it was affecting my ball-striking. Like many, I found that time and a few extra calories had crept up on me and I had gained a few pounds. With this excess weight and lack of exercise I found practicing, teaching and playing golf to be extremely demanding. Lets’ face it; I was out of shape.

As you know from much of my golf instruction, I am not a proponent of quick fixes -in the world of golf and I figured that there was no magic pill that would help me shed 10 pounds and get me back into golf-shape. So, I didn’t look for quick fixes, I looked for a solution. And learned a way to lose 12 pounds in less than two months.

Thanks to Larry Jacobs, an expert Weight Loss Coach who has helped professional golfers such as Alan Doyle and Fred Funk stay fit for golf, I am now enjoying a smaller waistline, new energy and I feel great when I hit golf balls.

Larry taught me how to get rid of my unwanted weight and have tons of energy for golf but best of all Larry has saved me thousands of dollars by not having to buy new pants and belts.

I, like many of you, are a skeptic when it comes to things like this. Therefore, I rarely endorse products however, I guarantee you that Larry, through his proven techniques can and will help you reduce your waistline, gain more energy and feel great.

As an additional benefit, with Larry’s guidance, you can practice longer, play better and feel great throughout your round of golf – just like Fred Funk who, as you know, has been playing some great golf since meeting Larry.

If you would like to lose those extra pounds, get healthier, and get the best golf out of your body, you should visit Larry’s website.”

~ Todd Graves

So get registered and expect results!

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here


Does any of this Sound Familiar?

  • No matter WHAT you’ve tried, you’re not happy with how you look. You’ve got a few extra pounds (or a “few more than a few”) you can’t seem to take off, regardless of what you’ve tried.
  • Or maybe your displeasure with your looks goes deeper than the extra weight. You also find you look older or exhausted or just plain unhealthy. You’ve got dark circles under your eyes or general puffiness. You try not to think about how the face in the mirror looking back at you is NOT the one you’ve thought you’d be seeing at this point in your life.
  • You struggle with mood swings or energy dips throughout the day. Or maybe your energy is constantly low. You want to take a nap in the afternoon and you can’t. (I mean, who has the time?) Or maybe you find you’re irritable or cranky more often than not. But that’s just the way it is, right?
  • You have health “things” you’re tolerating. Maybe you have a “nervous” stomach or you’re constipated or have chronic indigestion, gas or bloating. Maybe you have problems sleeping. Maybe you get headaches or have other aches and pains. Maybe you have a chronic stuffy nose or a chronic cough. Maybe you have allergies. Whatever it is, it’s just YOU, right? It’s just what you have to deal with. So you pop a pill (antacid, sleeping pill, pain med, etc.) and get back to your life. That’s just “normal” for you, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you NONE OF THIS HAS TO BE TRUE! Now, you may be on this page because you’re ready to ditch the weight, but what if I were to tell you what I’m here to offer is much deeper than that. I can show you a way to get YOUR LIFE BACK.

Imagine this instead:

  • You LOVE the way you look. You can wear anything you want and know you look great. Even better, along with the weight you’ve shaved AT LEAST 10 years off your face.
  • No more mood swings, depression, irritability or exhaustion. Your energy is high throughout the entire day. You feel GREAT.
  • All those “problems” you’ve been putting up with? Well, they’re gone too. No more headaches, stomach problems, sleeping problems, or anything else. You can’t believe how wonderful you feel and you wonder why you’ve tolerated your health issues for so long.

This is about winning the game of your life.

The best part?

You don’t have to imagine – this can be your reality. I’m here to show you how.

Remember, an investment in yourself is never an expense.

So Get Registered and Expect Results!

You Get It For Half Price If You Act Now

Thin for Life® Program is $997.00…
You Pay Only $497.00 & Get 5 Free Bonuses!

Need a Payment Plan?

Pay in 3 easy installments of only $197.00, billed 21 days apart, click here


If Not Now, When?


*Testimonial Disclaimer: Due to the new FTC rules, we have to make it clear that you may not achieve the same results or feel the same way as the customer testimonials listed on this website. Your results may vary.

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